Opti Oil

Opti-4 10W30 4-pk 34oz. bottles 43121

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Opti-4 10w30 4-pk 34oz. Bottles 43121 

APPLICATIONS ∗ For use in all 4-cycle engines regardless of make or model. ∗ Lawnmowers, motorcycles, generators, outboards, log splitters, ATVs, pumps, snowthrowers, automobiles, rototillers, power washers, chipper/shredders, & fire equipment ∗ Any small, hard-working power equipment with a 4-cycle engine FEATURES & BENEFITS ∗ Doubles O.E.M. engine warranty ∗ Offers the customers something the competition can’t ∗ Helps sell more equipment ∗ Dramatic surface improvement ∗ Lower operating temperatures ∗ Easier starting ∗ Longer engine life ∗ Off-season corrosion protection